Welcome to Woodford County

The City of Versailles, county seat of Woodford County, was founded in 1792. Located just off the Martha Layne Collins Parkway (Bluegrass Parkway), it is nestled in central Kentucky within a short driving distance of Lexington, Frankfort, and Louisville.

Versailles is totally surrounded by beautiful, serene farmland and some of the most famous horse farms in the Bluegrass region. Most of these horse farms are home to famous Kentucky thoroughbreds and winners of the famed Kentucky Derby. Also, Woodford County is proud to be the home of numerous Kentucky bourbon products including Woodford Reserve.

There is something special about Woodford County...something different...something unique. We are rooted to pride in our past, yet we lean with purpose toward our future. We treasure the environment around us and are committed to living within it respectfully. We put the care of an artisan into crafting our horses, our bourbon, our products, and our services. Uniquely Woodford...Small town living you want...Urban access you need!

Versailles also boasts some of the finest local organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, Kiwanis, Woman's Clubs, Historical Society and Theatrical Arts Association. Versailles offers all the amenities associated with a small community: family values, friendly people, low crime rate, strong work ethic, and involved leadership.

Versailles' reputation as a "quaint community" is the result of our entire community's vision and thoughtful planning and participation. As a community, we value our small town atmosphere settled among the rich rural landscape around us and the local historical districts that take us back in time. To preserve our heritage, we seek to encourage diversified opportunities and at the same time, enhance community character and the quality of life for all our citizens. We continually strive to establish a strong, well-integrated city that fosters local businesses and industries, maintain a clean and safe environment, as well as an overall fiscally sound and pleasant community. This strong sense of community and vision will be achieved through the will and vested interest of our citizens. The community's motto of "moving forward to revitalize the downtown Versailles community to meet the challenge of the future, while celebrating and preserving our past" is a prime example of what we are all about in the wonderful community.